Mr. Pankaj Pradeep (Ex. Factory Manager, Federal-Mogul Automotive Products P Ltd , now HR head with Fiat India Pune )
Simply Dhruv is simply great!.They can transform any organization. They are expert in both technical and behavioral areas and I wish them all the best.

Mr. Neeraj Rohilla (DGM Quality at Mitsubishi Electric)
Simply Dhruv is true to its name. They make things very simple and practical. They build a very strong fundamentals. Unlike other trainers their programs are very practical. One more beauty of Simply Dhruv is that no body can even blink their eyes even during the technical training. Their programs are very interesting be it Design of Experiment, SPC, TS 16949 or anything. I enjoyed with them.

Mr. R.S. Nanda (Ex HR-head DCM Engineering and now with ISUZU)
Pankaj has the ability to transform culture of any organization. He can connect very well to each individual. He is sharp and gives valuable suggestions for the organizational development. His training skills are unique and at the same time he is a excellent consultant

Mr. Sanjay Kathuria (General Manager- JCB India Limited)
Simply Dhruv conducted VA/ VE and TRIZ program at JCB in year 2008 and now in year 2012. We could save huge amount of money with their involvement. I am highly impressed with their knowledge and application on TRIZ

Mr. Abhinav Gupta (Technical Training at Eicher Volvo)
Dear Pankaj Ji, I am thankful to your guidance and support for taking us on the path of improvement. Our Japanese consultant Katsumata San is a great fan of you. Simply Dhruv started quality circle from scratch at our company in 2012 and within 1 year, it is now of the quality of international repute. Your ability to teach even a complex topic in a easy way has helped us to educate our workforce and supervisors. May God bless you with success.

Mr. J.P. Sahu (Head of Design- JCB India Limited)
Pankaj Ji, I am highly impressed with your workshop on TRIZ. I am also impressed the way you guided us in total VA / VE program. You are the person who can motivate anybody to deliver the best. I am really thankful for your support.

Mr. Ashwani (DGM Quality – SML ISUZU)
Simply Dhruv is one company which knows the pulse of people and the requirements of the company. In my opinion they are the best in India. They have helped us in our Kaizen Journey and Mr. Pankaj is the most liked trainer in our organization

Mr. Jasveer Bhardwaj (Yakult)
Simply Dhruv has helped us in effective implementation of 5-S in our Sonipat plant. One can visit our plant and see its effectiveness. Simply Dhruv is very systematic and guided us in the total implementation in a very planned manner with step by step approach. They also helped in reducing lots of waste. This company is true to its name.

Mr. Chintan Koul ( HR – AK Minda Group)
Simply Dhruv is the most liked training organization in our group. Instead of pushing people, people themselves pull out for their program. They have that charisma, passion and devotion which makes them simply great.

Mr. P.K. Singh (HR – AK Minda Group)
Simply Dhruv is the most liked training organization in our group. Instead of pushing people, people themselves pull out for their program. They have that charisma , passion and devotion which makes them simply great.

Mr. Manas Bhattacharya ( HR- Godrej)
We are very thankful to Simply Dhruv to educate our officers on the program on “Shop Floor leadership”. This was a great hit and the effect of the program is still there on many people including me. Our HR head Mr. Avnish Mishara has a great liking towards you and your company.

Mr. Uma Shankar Gautam ( Supplier Upgradatin Manager- Mahindra)
Dear Pankaj Ji, I attended one of your session when I was in Sona in year 2004 and remembered you till I invite you to the workshop for Mahindra in year 2010. You have that quality which leaves a high impact on the mind of audience.

Mr. Manas Patel ( EX TS lead auditor with TUV and now with JCB)
Hi Sir, It was your program in year 2003 for ISO 9001:2000 lead auditor with TS 16949 requirements which helped me a lot during my career. I could easily quality for TS 16949 lead auditor course of IATF. Your program also helped me to establish a good repute in both TUV and JCB. You are a great teacher and good friend.

Mr. Ritesh Kumar (Talent Development – Sabmillar)
I was looking for somebody who can change the mindset of the people and help us in change management and one day I found Simply Dhruv who was recommended by one of my contact in Heromoto Corp. Their ability to understand the organization requirement and designing the program with excellent delivery skills separates them from rest of the training organizations. I wish Simply Dhruv all the best in their future endeavours.

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