About the company

Simply Dhruv is the creation of Mr. Pankaj Aggarwal & Madhusmita Aggarwal (Husband and wife) which started in year 2003. Simply, to make things Simple and Dhruv is the name of their son. With their practical experience in industry they have observed that simple things are generally made complex and so started this initiative of making the things simple and result oriented.

Our Founder, Principal Trainer and counsellor Mr. Pankaj Aggarwal has been awarded as one of the "Most Talented Training & Development Leaders" by "World HRD Congress and CHRO Asia. This award is intensely researched and reviewed by a Jury comprising of senior professionals, senior leaders, researchers and academicians from across the globe. The criteria and competencies benchmarked are: Strategic Perspective, Track Record, Effective Use of Technology, Sustainable Practices, Future Orientation, Continuous Innovation in Training & Counselling, Change Management, Employee Engagement and Thought Leadership.

Wherever Simply Dhruv has delivered the training and consultancy on any subject, the Simple and Practical way of explanation has always been found unique and has been admired. Learning through Fun, with results, is the basic motto. Simply Dhruv not only deals with technical areas but also with the behavioral and managerial aspects of training and consultancy.

We believe in the Power of People because People can really do wonders. People development is our passion. We have ourselves gradually moved up from a very junior position and so we are in a better position to understand the people's need and approach towards development. Having worked in various functions such as manufacturing, quality, materials, servicing, vendor development, training and consultancy and understanding the constraints in implementation of theory in real life, we modify the theory based on our practical experiences.

Simply Dhruv can design, develop and deliver programs for audience varying from Workmen to the Senior Management in any type of industry. We can also design, develop and deliver program for schools.

We hope this little company will soon become the most practical and preferred company, providing all type of solutions and training under one roof. We pray to God to give us courage to take this little initiative to greater heights, fulfilling its mission.

How are we different from others ...